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Mark Morgan

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Why StratEx Advisors?

Mark Morgan, founder of StratEx Advisors is the originator of a set of powerful tools that have been proven to have enormous benefit to organizations struggling with their ability to get strategy executed in a way that creates sustainable performance.

StratEx is a company that has answers to the tough problems that surround going global, staying global and performing globally. StratEx has the capability to provide you and your team with the specific knowledge and motivation to make sweeping improvements to your Strategic Execution.

What we do

Strategic Execution is a matter of alignment. Every organization is perfectly aligned to get the results it is getting today. The question is what alignments need to be changed to create better results. So, first, we listen to you to find the critical alignment opportunities. Then we act based on the specific context of your organization. What will work for you and your organization must be tailored to fit not forced to fit. So what we do is listen to the problems and opportunities you face to get a feel for the mix of ingredients you need to improve strategic alignments. The mixture of things we offer are profiling, facilitation, consulting, coaching, workshops and action learning.  No fifty pound run books here, no senior partner with a cast of hundreds of understudies. We deliver value to you that is sustainable and creates lasting capability. We are interested in delivered value, not creating an annuity using your money. 

What we offer

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